Guide On Buying The Best Sleep Mask 2019

Benefits of Buying a Sleep Mask

– Blocks out sunlight. The primary, and perhaps most important, benefit of using a sleep mask is that it gets rid of any light, natural or manmade. Allowing yourself total darkness to fall asleep promotes a more restful slumber without being woken up involuntarily from unwanted light. Sleep masks cover the eyes and sometimes extend down onto the cheeks to prevent this. Some even cover the ears to assist with noise reduction.

– Provides the opportunity to fall asleep faster. By having a quieter, darker place to relax, people tend to get sleepier faster. No random lights are flashing over your closed eyes, and with earplugs or a mask that covers the ears, noise is reduced, helping to eliminate a lot of the sensory that often keeps people from drifting off into slumber.

– Aids in deep, restful REM sleep. When you are asleep in total darkness and without the weight of something heavy boring down on your face, you are creating the perfect environment for you to achieve REM sleep, which is responsible for allowing you a sleep that lets you wake up feeling refreshed.

best sleep mask 2019

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Sleep Mask

– Material. Choose a soft, breathable material that will not get too hot while you sleep. Silk is usually considered the best option as it is both of these things and is super relaxing to slip onto the face.

– Weight. Opt for a sleep mask that is not heavy. While some people may prefer a bit of weight, heavier sleep masks press on the eyelids and may inhibit the rapid eye movement necessary for refreshing sleep.

– Headband. Choose a sleep mask that has a thick, adjustable headband. Oftentimes, a thin headband will have the problem of digging into your skin and causing discomfort that will wake you up out of your sleep in order to fix it. An adjustable headband will help eliminate the digging issue and provide a snug, comfortable fit that is not too tight.

– Ear covers. Some sleep masks go all of the way around the head and cover the ears, too. Think about getting an ear-covering sleep mask if you are one that often uses earplugs to fall asleep.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Sleep Mask for Your Needs

– Choose a hypoallergenic material such as silk to ensure no skin irritation during nightly usage.

– Check the price to ensure you are getting the best value.

– Read reviews on respected properties such as Delicious before making a final decision.

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